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Oxygen 1 + Scent Pack

Our Best Seller is the Oxygen 1 + Scent Pack Bundle

Clean Air + Therapeutic Benefits. This bundle is a combo of our Oxygen 1 Air Purifier and our 6-pack of scented essential oils.

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"With it being allergy season I needed to get this purifier ASAP. I keep it next to me on my nightstand and it’s almost like a 2-1. When you turn on the purifier it’s not loud at all and it is kinda like having white noise playing which also helps me sleep along with the smell of the essential oil in the air as well."
-Jumul Noble
"As a person that deals with serious allergies, I was looking for something that I can have in my car because there lies a magnet for pollen, dirt, and all types of things floating around. Opti got the job done as a sleek purifier, that smells great and you barely know it’s there. Highly recommended!!."
-Daryn Davis
"Got the air purifier bundle with oils and it works well when I am cooking to really neutralize the cooking odors"
-John Atere
"This air purifier is so light and compact, I pack it in my carry-on and use it in hotels, AirBNBs, etc to purify my new space. The peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils are my favorites. Great investment!"
-Jessica Hairston

Lots of love for our products

"This air purifier has enhanced my work desk experience with soothing aromas that keep my stress at bay - especially on meeting-filled days. I've managed to make this device an essential part of my work routine and my days are not complete with out it!"
-Jennifer Santos
"I have been using my air purifier for about a month now and I got it just in time for my new born baby boy! You can really smell the essential oils and it allows me to have a peace of mind about the air my baby and I breathe."
-Inyang Jarnagin
"I sleep with my Opti right next to my bed and most of the time I don't even know it's there. The air in my bedroom can get a bit dry from time to time and it has been great with mitigating the issue. I also love that it's portable and plan to take it with me whenever I go on vacation."
-Imani A.
"As someone who works from home with the dry air of Florida, i’m feeling good at the desk knowing that i’m breathing in better air. The smell is great and the purifier is quiet and subtle."
-Ndifreke Oduok

Nature embedded

Our oils are extracted from flowers, leaves, stems, roots or fruits by steam distillation, extrusion and cold soaking or solvent extraction.



For the best quality of life, the air that we breath must be the purest as possible We used only the highest quality natural parts and technology for our purifiers.


We are health certified

Vetted and trusted by the EPA and California Air Resources Board.

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